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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does the CoGAP MetaCheck® cost?
  • The costs concerning the laboratory analysis for performing the CoGAP MetaCheck® by a physician refer to the medical fee schedules and is in Germany around 350 €.

    Please note that in addition to the lab fee, costs for the counseling, the cheek swab and possibly other services (such as a comprehensive nutritional counseling, bioelectric impedance analysis, basal metabolic rate measurements etc.) can occur. For this reason, please ask your counselor for the exact price for your analysis.

  • Are there any experiences or success stories to the CoGAP MetaCheck®?
  • In Germany, many people have already successfully lost weight with the CoGAP MetaCheck®. The 33-year-old Christina W. from Cologne is convinced of the CoGAP MetaCheck® because she lost 12 pounds by following her metabolic typed diet.

    In the WDR-Lokalzeit her success story was illustrated.

    Additionally, Hanna S. (20 years) tested the genetic metabolism analysis and reported about her experience with the CoGAP MetaCheck® in the magazine "Brigitte Balance" (Issue 3 June / July 2012).

    In comparison to the other tested diets Hanna revealed the best results, because she lost 2.2 kilograms in four weeks without losing muscle mass. By following her individual exercise recommendations she transformed fat into muscle mass successfully.

    For further advice and information on the CoGAP MetaCheck® you can also directly contact one of our counselors.

  • Where can I perform the CoGAP MetaCheck®?
  • In order to assure optimal training and nutrition recommendations, it needs more than knowing your genetic predisposition. Other factors such as age, weight, lifestyle and health status are taken into account. However, your personal information is not available to us. Therefore, we only work together with qualified counselors.

    The right counselor for you can be found here.

  • Can I also perform the CoGAP MetaCheck® in Switzerland?
  • If you live in Switzerland, you can also easily perform the MetaCheck®. For further information please contact us here.

  • Can I also perform the CoGAP MetaCheck® in Austria?
  • If you live in Austria, you can also easily perform the MetaCheck®. For further information please contact us here.

  • Can I also perform the CoGAP MetaCheck® in Turkey?
  • If you live in Turkey, you can also easily perform the MetaCheck®. For further information please contact us here.

  • Can I also perform the CoGAP MetaCheck® in Portugal?
  • If you live in Portugal, you can also easily perform the MetaCheck®. For further information please contact us here.

  • Can I also perform the CoGAP MetaCheck® in France?
  • If you live in France, you can also easily perform the MetaCheck®. For further information please contact us here.

  • There is no MetaCheck counselor in my area. Can I still perform a CoGAP MetaCheck®?
  • Of course, you can ask any physician you trust to perform the analysis. Any physician (regardless of our counselor search) can have your test analyzed in our partner lab CTL und Ortholabor GmbH. You can obtain the necessary information from CTL und Ortholabor GmbH. You can also contact us directly.
  • What are the benefits of the CoGAP MetaCheck®?
  • Having done the CoGAP MetaCheck® alone doesn't lead to weight loss but the knowledge of your genetic Meta-type allows you to adjust and to optimize your diet according to it. A scientific study at the Stanford University (USA) * showed that a diet which takes the genetic metabolic type into consideration achieves better results (on average by a factor of 2.5).

    This shows that people lose more than twice as much weight if they previously performed a genetic analysis of their metabolism such as the CoGAP MetaCheck®.

    * Nelson D. et al., (2010) Genetic Phenotypes Predict Weight Loss Success: The Right Diet Does Matter; NPAM March 2–4, 2010 I EPI March 3–5, 2010 I Hilton San Francisco Union Square I San Francisco, CA

  • Can the CoGAP MetaCheck® also diagnoze diseases, allergies or food intolerances?
  • No. The CoGAP MetaCheck® only analyzes those genes that are associated with weight changes and which can be influenced by the diet. Genes that are used to predict diseases, allergies or food intolerances will not be analyzed as part of the CoGAP MetaCheck®.
  • Can the CoGAP MetaCheck® also help me to gain weight?
  • Basically, it is also possible to gain weight through the scientific findings of the CoGAP MetaCheck®.

    However, it is not advisable to attempt this without professional dietary consultancy because a poor diet and excessive weight gain can be harmful.

    Additionally, there are no scientific publications about a controlled “weight gaining” based on genetic analyses.

    Therefore, we especially indicate that CoGAP® does not take the responsibility for such experiments.

  • How often do I have do this genetic metabolism analysis?
  • You only have to perform the CoGAP MetaCheck® once because your Meta-type is based on your individual genetic predisposition which doesn’t change any more over the course of life.
  • Does the result change if I repeat the genetic metabolism analysis in a few years?
  • Basically, the genetic metabolism analysis remains the same. Therefore the results will not change.
  • I am physically active! Why don't I lose weight?
  • This may be due to the fact that your diet or the type of physical activity is not equivalent to your genetic metabolic predisposition. As a matter of fact, you will always lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. However, people metabolize different numbers of calories while eating or performing the same physical activity according to their genetic predisposition. The energy values ​​(kcal/kj) on many packaging only calculate the average physiological caloric value ​​of foods. It depends on the individual genetic metabolic predisposition how many of the consumed calories are metabolized. The CoGAP MetaCheck® gives you the possibility to adjust your diet and the type of physical activity to your Meta-type and thereby helps to lose weight more efficient.
  • Can I perform the CoGAP MetaCheck® during pregnancy?
  • The CoGAP MetaCheck® is completely safe and can also be performed during pregnancy. Additionally, the analysis result is not affected by pregnancy. Concerning the ideal diet during pregnancy a doctor or nutritionist should be consulted because apart from the genetic metabolic predisposition other factors (such as folic acid or iron deficiency) play an important role. Apart from that, it is not recommended to start a diet during pregnancy.
  • Am I too old or too young for the CoGAP MetaCheck®?
  • No. The CoGAP MetaCheck® analyzes your genetic metabolic predisposition. This doesn’t change in the course of life, therefore, the CoGAP MetaCheck® can be performed independently of age. However, older people are not as often willing to change their lifestyle.

    For children, the genetic metabolic analysis is also possible, even though we do not recommend it. Since children are in continuous growth phases, they have an increased nutritional requirement and are more physically active; they usually do not need to keep to the genetic dietary recommendations. In contrary, a too limited food choice could influence the eating habits of children negatively. Because of this, we recommend children to keep to a balanced diet and to keep to the DACH-reference recommendations.

  • I've been very active, ate certain foods very frequently or took medication on regular basis. Does this affect the result of the CoGAP MetaCheck®?
  • No. Diet, exercise and medication only have a temporary effect on the metabolism but will not change your genetic metabolic predisposition which is the basic concept of the CoGAP MetaCheck®.
  • How long does it take to perform the genetic metabolism analysis?
  • Once we have your declaration of consent and your buccal swab sample, the analysis of the sample in the partner laboratory usually takes two weeks. CoGAP® strives to finish the CoGAP MetaCheck® as soon as possible and then sends it to your advisor.
  • What samples are required for the CoGAP MetaCheck®?
  • The CoGAP MetaCheck® is based on a buccal swab sample, which is performed through a special test kit. The test set consists of a cheek swab and a leak-proof container.
  • What happens to my buccal swab sample in the partner lab?
  • The partner lab first extracts DNA from the buccal swab sample. Then, the metabolism related gene segments of the DNA are analyzed by highly modern DNA sequencers. The resulting genetic raw data are then sent to CoGAP® for further evaluation.
  • Why doesn't CoGAP® analyze blood samples? Is a buccal swab sample just as accurate as a blood test for genetic analysis of the metabolism?
  • The collection of a blood sample comes along with infection and injury risks and only specially trained persons (e.g. physicians) are allowed to perform this in Germany. However, a buccal swab sample can be taken easily and without any health risk. Since the buccal swab contains enough genetic material for the CoGAP MetaCheck®, CoGAP® resigns to perform the analysis with blood samples.
  • What do I have to consider while taking the buccal swab sample?
  • To ensure that your genetic material in the buccal swab sample is not distorted, you should rinse your mouth with water half an hour before the buccal swab is collected and neither drink nor eat during this period.
  • Where is my buccal swab sample being analyzed?
  • CoGAP® cooperates with most modern genetic analysis centers. The analysis of the buccal swab sample and the generation of the genetic raw data is done by highly qualified employees.
  • Have I got access to my genetic raw data?
  • Since the genetic raw data itself doesn't provide additional information about your metabolism, the pure raw data would only lead to more confusion. Therefore, CoGAP® sends this data only on your explicit written request to your chosen specialist in human genetics.
  • What happens if my buccal swab sample does not contain enough genetic material or is damaged (e.g. contaminated)?
  • Basically, your buccal swab sample should arrive in a proper analyzable state at CoGAP®. Nevertheless, it can't be excluded that in some cases test sets get lost in the mail or are damaged. In these cases, the CoGAP MetaCheck® cannot be accomplished. Under these circumstances a free replacement kit is offered.
  • Does the CoGAP MetaCheck® offer any information about my ancestry or genetic diseases?
  • No. Since the investigated metabolic genes show many different configurations which are respectively assigned to the individual CoGAP® Meta-type, it does not give any inference on ancestry and relatives. In addition, CoGAP® excludes genes from the analysis that allow disease-related statements.
  • Will my data be available for third parties?
  • No, CoGAP® is commited not to pass the obtained data.