Gene-Diet CoGAP MetaCheck®

Every individual metabolizes food differently. Therefore, there can be no general one-size-fits-all weight loss formula! Weight loss largely depends on the individual genetic make-up of each individual.

Over the course of evolutionary history, human beings had to adjust to new living conditions repeatedly. Yet, this process did not happen identically in all individuals and, as a result, a variety of different genetic metabolic types, known as Meta-types developed.

The scientifically developed CoGAP MetaCheck® uses a DNA analysis to determine your individual Meta-type. This lets you fine-tune your diet and your physical activity to match your own genetic make-up. Thus, you can perfectly regulate your weight in a natural way and lose weight faster.

Why MetaCheck

Quick, sustainable and healthy weight loss with Meta-type adapted nutrition and exercise recommendations
No radical diets , no starvation , no yo-yo effect
An uncomplicated swab sample from your mouth is sufficient
One single test is sufficient because your genes do not change

How it works

  1. Provide your buccal swab sample to your MetaCheck consultant
  2. Shipment of your anonymised sample to CoGAP®
  3. Metabolic analysis and shipment of your results to your MetaCheck consultant
  4. Consulting and customized workout and nutrition plan
Consultation DNA-analysis customized exercise and nutrition plan

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